Our Machines are Available for Lease

For leasing estimates, pre-approvals, or other info call Lindsay at 905-758-0797 (mention Brighton Woodworking Machinery and BM# of machine)

Leasing vs Purchase can have many advantages for any business, large or small, startup or not.

  • Leasing avoids making big down payment, allowing you to free up capital for other investments or needed operating capital.
  • Leasing can have significant tax advantages! It does not add interest on sales tax. Interest is added only to the principal amount and the tax added to the monthly payment. Leasing can really help with keeping companies on budget!
  • You don't have to wait and save for an investment purchase, nor spend more operating capital than is necessary. See your return on investment sooner by leasing now and paying less in monthly payments than with a loan.


Leasing is an option for any machine purchased through Brighton Woodworking Machinery. We've included a link below to a simple calculator you can use to figure out various leasing and down payment options.

Lease Calculator