5 Piece Door Making Package

5 Piece Door Making Package

Ontario, Canada

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Complete 5 piece Door manufacturing package. Click machine name to see more details.

Package includes: 1) Silver Moulder for profiling rails & styles, 2) OMGA Optimizing Saw to cut lengths for rails & styles (Plus panels / wood strips, etc), 3) LOBO Miter Door Machine for cutting miters for corners, 4) Doucet Door Clamp for glue-up and various stages of door making process, and 5) Lobo Single-end Tenoner for profiling door sides.


ManufacturerOmga, Lobo, Silver, Doucet.
ModelMoulder, Optimizing Saw, Miter Door Machine, Rotary Door Clamp, Single-end Tenoner
Stock NumberBBM2171
QualityVery Good
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Additional Features

Pictures attached are shown in the following order:
1) 2005 Silver SF4015A Moulder (see BBM2167 for more pics & specs)
2) 2004 Omga T521 Optimizing Saw (see BBM2169 for more pics & specs)
3) 2006 LOBO CS-2145 used Miter Door Machine (see BBM2170 for more pics & specs)
4) 2007 Doucet Machineries MSP-RDM used Rotary Door Clamp (see BBM2168 for more pics & specs)
5) 2006 LOBO GB-CIS Single-end Tenoner (see BBM2165 for more pics & specs)

Items may be purchased separately, however, discount applies when purchased as a complete package.