2000 Urban SV 610 used vinyl window corner cleaner.

No longer available

2000 Urban SV 610 used vinyl window corner cleaner.

Uxbridge, Canada


Designed to clean the corners of PVC / Vinyl profiles from welding seals. High speed, CNC controlled and precise.


ModelSV 610 used vinyl window corner cleaner.
Stock NumberBBM2160
QualityVery Good
Electrics230 / 400 V / n Ph / 60 Hz
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Additional Features

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Urban model SY610

230/400v, 3ph motor

1st staging table:

51” x 79” with protective strips

2nd transfer table 96” x 76” with motor drive loader

Loader :

Moves full length of machine

3rd cater table attached to cleaner 86” x 76”

Tooling Lower:

Disc cutter

Inside cleaner knife

Grooving knife

Tooling Upper:

45° air router

90° air router

4th end table 96” x 76”

Profile height min 15mm - max 130mm

Profile width min 20mm - max. 150mm

Frame size X-Y-Min 250 - X-Y-Max 2700mm

Machine foot print with automatic turning table

8080mm wide x 3275mm deep

Machine foot print w/ out auto. turning table

4245mm wide x 3275mm deep