JLT 79K-7-DC Used Double Door Clamp


JLT 79K-7-DC Used Double Door Clamp

Ontario, Canada


38'' x 84'' max door size. 4 Vertical & 2 Horizontal Clamps. 500 lbs clamping force/cylinder, 1 lever operation. JLT 79K-7-DC Used Double Door Clamp


Model79K-7-DC Used Double Door Clamp
Stock NumberBM2124
QualityVery Good
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Additional Features

JLT #79K-7 DC Double Door Clamp
Capacity: 38'' x 84''
Two horizontal clamps
Four vertical clamps
One lever operation
500 lbs of clamping force per cylinder
45 Degree working angle
Designed for stile and rail cabinet doors
Removable center bar