2011 Fravol RX700 Used Edgebander

2011 Fravol RX700 Used Edgebander

Uxbridge, Canada

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(Machine sold late 2012) Lightly Used edgebander, Fravol, Model RX700. (REPLACEMENT COST $180,000)

This machine is fully loaded and controlled by servo motors.

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ModelRX700 Used Edgebander
Stock NumberBM2081
QualityVery Good
Electrics460 V /3 Ph / 60 Hz, transformer for 600 volt included!
*All Descriptions, Specifications and Features are correct to the best of our knowledge. Interested buyers should verify before purchasing.

Additional Features

(Addition details available upon request)
* Glue station cleaner included. See pics.
Model RapidRX700
CONTROL PANEL, 10.7" PLC Color Touch Screen
--Pressure Roller
--Glue Tank
--End Trimmer Unit
--Automatic temperature reduction
--Automatic Program Configuration with Barcode
--Automatic Motorized Pressure Bar
--Controlled infeed guide NC
--Infeed Anti-Adhesive Lubrification System
--Pre Milling Unit with Two Spindles Adjustable Feeding Fence
--IR Lamp
--Automatic Loading of the Edge Banding Material
--Rotary Roll Carrier Plate
--Self Reversing Glue Pot
--Universal Glue Pot with Pre Heating FPI for Polyurethanic and Hot Metal Glue
--Shear to cut ABS and PVC up to 3mm:
--Motorized Pressure Roller Unit
--Programmed Entry and Exit of the 1st Pressure Roller
--3 Additional Pressure Roller Unit (4)
--HP Increase on End Trimming Unit with Pneumatic Exclusion
--Automatic Tilting End Trim Unit
--Automatic Lubrification of the Linear Guides
--Top & Bottom Trimming Unit ( RF/R) :
--"Nesting" Option for Pre Drilled Door Hinge & Dado Work Process
--Multifunctional Trimming Unit
--Numerical Control with 5 Controlled Axis of the Top / Bottom Trimming Unit
--"Nesting" Option Pre Drilled Door Hinge & Dado Work Process.
-- Corner Rounding unit with 4 Axis NC
--Scraper Unit
-- Numerical Control with 5 Controlled Axis of the Top / Bottom Trimming Unit
-- "Nesting" Option Pre Drilled Door Hinge & Dado Work Process:
-- Blower for edge Scraping Unit:
-- Box for Shavings
--Glue Scraping Unit
-- Tilting and Oscillating Buffing Unit
-- Lubricator for Buffers
-- Hot Air Blower Unit
-- Chain Track Motor
--Automatic Lubrification of the feeding Belt

-- Glue Pot Cleaning Bench, (* Designed for management and cleaning of interchangeable glue tanks. *Allows holding glue tank temperature and spreading roller rotation.
* It is mainly used to clean the glue tank and is equipped with: Electrical connectors, Air connectors, Thermal regulator. * Revolving speed 60 rpm, allows automatic removing of most of the adhesive contained in the premelting unit and tank, with minimum operator intervention.)

Panel thickness.... 10 60mm,
Panel width min... 60 mm,
Edge width ...15 to 65mm,
Edge thickness 0.4 to 16mm ,
Feed speed 10 to 25m/min,
Transfomer for 600 volt included.
Minimum length of panel min.140 (PVC),
Pneumatic power 6 bar,
Weight 1900 Kg,
Working temperature (room) Min. 15° C / max 45° C (Min. 59° F / max 113° F)
Installed power 460 V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz