1994 Friulmac FN5 , 1800 Used Double End Tenoner

1994 Friulmac FN5 , 1800 Used Double End Tenoner

Uxbridge, Canada

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Used Double End Tenoner,

Friulmac FN5 1800 Double End Tenoner

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ModelFN5 , 1800 Used Double End Tenoner
Stock NumberBM2047
QualityVery Good
Electrics600V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz with included transformer.
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Additional Features

Used Double End Tenoner,
Working width max mm 5.9 ft.
Aggregates per side 3
Milling aggregates/side total 1
Crosscut saw Yes
Automatic feeding Yes
Width adjustment manually
Transversal processing Yes
Required space LxWxH , 10.5 ft x 4ft x 6ft high.

Specs on the 1997 Friulmac FN5
Capacity working measures min. length 220mm, max. length 1300mm, min. width 20mm, max. width 100mm, min. thickness 10mm, max. thickness 40mm, 1st. station trim saw unit saw-blades diameter 125mm min., 180mm max., arbor hole 30mm, blade speed 7600rpm, standard assembled saw-blade diameter 150mm, z=48 (z=no. of teeth), kerf=3.2mm, 2nd station endfaces boring unit max. boring stroke 80mm with boring head style as per drawing no. 20.000.6952, 2 chucks, CD 28,575mm (1 - 1/8"), spindle speed 2800 rpm, chuck speed 2800 rpm, 3rd station ends, vertical boring, boring stroke 80mm as per boring head drawing 20.000.6953 2 chucks CD 28,575mm (1 - 1/8"), 4th station ends frontal boring, boring stroke 200mm as per boring head drawing 20.000.6301, 2 chucks CD 32mm overall machine dimensions, length 3500mm, width 2800mm & height 2000mm weight 1600kg. control board dimensions length 1200mm, width 500mm & height 1100mm weight 150kg.