2020 Qingdao Detaiwo Machinery Co. Ltd DT-1000 PG lightly used Brush sander. #BBM2611

2020 Qingdao Detaiwo Machinery Co. Ltd DT-1000 PG lightly used Brush sander. #BBM2611

Ontario, Canada

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2020 Qingdao Detaiwo Machinery Co. Ltd DT-1000 PG lightly used Brush sander.

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ManufacturerQingdao Detaiwo Machinery Co. Ltd
ModelDT-1000 PG lightly used Brush sander.
Stock NumberBBM2611
QualityVery Good
ElectricsV / Ph / 60 Hz

Additional Features

Here is link to the manfactures product page. You may have to select English in the upper right hand corner of the webpage if needed. This model is the DT-1000 P6.

Product number.... DT1000-P6
Product Specifications.... Y2Z2H2
Maximum processing width.... 1000mm
Plate processing thickness.... 5-100mm
Minimum processing length.... ≥320mm
Conveyor belt speed.... 0-15m/min
Total Power.... 17kw
Dust removal port diameter.... φ120mm

The two sets of disc brushes of the disc sanding roller
rotate in opposite directions, and the speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion. During the working process, the movement of the plate itself and the left and right swing of the disc are used to change the grinding position, so as to achieve the grinding and polishing of special-shaped surfaces and corners.
The horizontal sanding roller
sands the plate surface and the horizontal grooves in a swinging manner while rotating itself. The two sets of longitudinal sanding rollers rotate in opposite directions and can be raised and lowered independently, which has a good effect on the all-round grinding and polishing of the special-shaped surfaces and R angles of the plate. Double - sided
sanding belt This machine is equipped with a German Hermes double-sided sanding belt, which can achieve Two-way grinding - forward rough grinding, reverse fine grinding, truly realizing dual-purpose machine. Each group of the removable sand rack system can be raised and lowered independently or as a whole, and each group is equipped with a frequency conversion speed regulation device; the removable sand rack design of this machine makes it easier to change the sanding belt. Automatic oiling system . This machine has an automatic lubrication pump device, and the oil pipe is connected to the linear guide rail. The linear guide rail can be automatically maintained with one button, which is more convenient to operate and has a longer service life. PLC control screen Shenzhen Haiwei automated CNC system, multi-touch large display screen; plate memory module, which can remember eight types of plates, one-button import, convenient and fast
* All Descriptions, Specifications and Features are correct to the best of our knowledge. Interested buyers should verify before purchasing.