2022 Felder Profit H08 13.25 P used cnc flat table CNC. 4 x 8 #BM2597

2022 Felder Profit H08 13.25 P used cnc flat table CNC. 4 x 8 #BM2597

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2022 Felder Profit H08 13.25 P used cnc flat table CNC. 4 x 8

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ModelProfit H08 13.25 P used cnc flat table CNC. 4 x 8
Stock NumberBM2597
QualityVery Good
Electrics400V / 3Ph / 60 Hz

Additional Features

The profit earner for standard and bespoke orders in both solid wood and panels
profit H08 13.25 machining centre:
The profit H08 13.25 chassis is made of thick-walled electro-welded
shaped tubes. Steel ribbing within the chassis ensures high stability. To guarantee the general
tolerances of the machine the quality of the floor surface must comply with the requirements
included in the foundations specifications layout.
Matrix Table:
The matrix table is made of phenolic resin and has grooves in a grid pattern designed for the
attaching of jigs and clamping of various materials. The grooves are suitable for inserting a
rubber sealing cord that is included with the machine.
Cylinder stops situated around the matrix table:
2 stops in the X direction and 1 stop in the Y direction aid the exact positioning of the
workpiece to the rear left hand side of the matrix table.
X-axis guiding system:
The outrigger is moved along the x-axis in a gantry system via a gear rack with a cambered
tooth profile. High precision is guaranteed. The reduction gearing guarantees high machining
quality and accuracy. The bearings consist of encapsulated ball bushings running on hardened
and polished linear guides.
Y-axis guiding system:
A rack system with angled, cambered teeth positions the Y axis, ensuring high precision. The
gear reducers guarantee a high level of processing quality and repeatability. The bearings
consist of encapsulated recirculating ball bushings running on hardened and ground linear
Guiding system Z-axis:
The tooling head is positioned in the Z-axis via a recirculating ball screw. Hardened and milled
linear guides, allow a smooth and accurate positioning along the Z-axis.
Working area:
X= 2500 mm
Y= 1250 mm
Z= 85 mm depending on the clamping system, see layout
Axis positioning speed:
X= 25 m/min
Y= 25 m/min
Z= 15 m/min
Automatic central lubrication system:
At regular intervals preset in the machine program, the lubrication of the X, Y and Z axis will be
checked and if required lubricated pneumatically. The lubrication storage container has a
capacity of 2 kg.
Electrical cabinet:
The electrical cabinet is positioned on the left hand side of the machine chassis and complies with all international norms.
Additional to this, the electrical cabinet also constitutes a fixed component of the safety equipment.
The operating terminal is integrated into the electrical cabinet and guarantees maximum operating comfort in the smallest of spaces.
Control terminal for the machine operation
Equipped with:
• compact - Control Machine control system
• 24" LED colour display
• Keyboard, mouse and mouse pad
Vacuum of the operating area:
The work field is divided into 6 symmetrical vacuum fields. 3 fields in the X direction and 2
fields in the Y direction guarantee optimum vacuum distribution. The selection of the required
vacuum fields can be done manually using turn handles.
Vacuum system with 180 m³/h nominal performance:
2 dry vane pumps.
Safety devices conforming to CE regulations:
The double light beam sensor emanates from the electrical cabinet, encompassing the whole machine providing flexibility when
accessing and operating the machine.
• Emergency stop button
• Control sensors for the vacuum and compressed air
Main spindle 10 kW HSK F63:
The main spindle is connected to the Z-axis plates by the linear guides and is guided with 2
linear guides in each case. The tool is clamped with a HSK F63 connection. The tool
connection is monitored by 3 sensors, which ensures increased safety. The tool holding fixture
is cleaned pneumatically.
Connected load: 10 KW (S6)
Speed: 1000–24000 rpm
Drive: 3 phase HF motor controlled via inverter
Direction of rotation: right/left
Bearing: ceramic bearings
Spindle cooling: air-cooled
DH8 drilling head
Vertical drilling unit with 8 vertical drilling spindles. 6 spindles in the X direction and 2 in the Y
direction. All spindles can be used individually. Rotation at any speed up to 6000 RPM
8 position tool changer positioned on the side of the machine chassis:
For HSK milling spindle:
- 100 mm maximum tool diameter
- 153 mm maximum tool height
- Distance of 110 mm between the collet chucks
Please refer to the machine layout for specifications
Dust extraction system
2 separate extraction connections for the main spindle and drilling head. Height adjustment of
the hoods is done automatically.
Please refer to the machine layout for specifications.
Compact - control:
Compact - control with machine licence for the processing of ISO Code and Woodflash programs on the machine.
The programming is carried out on an external computer, programs are transfered using USB or network connection.
Included with the machine: CNC Board for the machine operation and Tecnomanager for the tooling editor.
profit H08 operating manual English including:
Operating instructions for the frequency inverter, air conditioning, drilling head, electric spindle, vacuum pump, electrical and
pneumatical diagrams, recovery DVD for Windows, guarantee conditions DELL custom CD
profit H08 tools:
Allen key drill head; pressure grease gun for drill head (only when the machine is originally equipped with a drill head); Torx for
grooving saw (only when the drill head is originally equipped with a grooving saw); C-spanner for collet chuck.
Machine packaging for H08 13.25:
Packaging dimensions:
L x B x H: 4000 mm x 2000 mm x 2000 mm
Number @452 - 1 Piece
Motor 3x 400 V 50 Hz 10.0 kW
Number 902 - 1 Piece
Machine language English
Number 29 - 1 Piece
Electrical equipment according to CSA rules
Number C08 - 1 Piece
Air conditioning for electrical cabinet
Equals out external temperature differences of over 35° and guarantees a constant operating
temperature of the electrical components in the electrics box.
Number C09 - 1 Piece
Teleservice support package via internet
Connect hardware and software via Internet. The Internet connection must be made available on the customer‘s PC. The connection
with the machine computer can only be made in co-operation with the customer‘s network administrator. Integration of the machine
computer with the company network must be carried out by a network administrator commissioned by the customer.
Number C12 - 1 Piece
Uninterrupted power supply to the PC
The UPS guarantees power to the machine computer even in the event of a power cut.
Programs can be saved and the machine computer can be shut down properly without any
loss of data.
Number C13 - 1 Piece
Automatic length measurement systems for tool in Z axis
The tool can be measured exactly on the machine in the tool length. The determined value is
then entered and stored automaticallyin the tool database under the corresponding tool. In
order to guarantee a precise length measurement, the contact surface is freed from dust and
chips by a blowing unit before each measuring process.
Number C15 - 1 Piece
Closed cable draw in X and Y axis
This ensures that all cables, pipes and hoses contained in the cable cover are protected from
Number C18 - 1 Piece
Hand-held terminal for the remote control of the axes
With potentiometer and emergency off switch. The speed can be adjusted whilst processing,
making it easier to process more complex components.
Number C342 - 1 Piece
Wood Flash - Control instead of Compact - Control (1 machine license, 1 external license), 1x E-Learning
Woodflash - control with machine licence for the processing of Woodflash generated programs. Graphical symbol operating display
for the clear and easy to understand display and programming.Included with the machine: CNC Board, editor for program creation
and optional 3D-simulator for the display of programmed processes as well as movement direction.
Central extraction hood (!C189)
Centralised extraction hood with slider control, connection facing upwards. Please refer to the
machine layout for specifications.

* All Descriptions, Specifications and Features are correct to the best of our knowledge. Interested buyers should verify before purchasing.