2011 Blum M53.1053 Used Minipress, Hinge Machine #BM2570

2011 Blum M53.1053 Used Minipress, Hinge Machine #BM2570

Uxbridge, Canada

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Like New, Single phase, 2011 Blum M53.1053 Used Minipress, Hinge Machine. Compare new at $3,450.00

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ModelM53.1053 Used Minipress, Hinge Machine
Serial NumberJQ00385 CA
Stock NumberBM2570
QualityVery Good
Electrics220V / 1Ph / 60 Hz

Additional Features

Comes c/w heavy duty, metal frame bench.

Blum M53.1053 Minipress P Single Phase 220V Drilling Machine

Introducing the Blum M53.1053 MiniPress P Single Phase Drilling Machine. Unleash the power of precise drilling and seamless insertion with the MiniPress P, featuring a unique swivel head that sets it apart from the rest. Crafted for excellence, this drilling machine ensures a quick and easy woodworking experience with unparalleled accuracy.

Product Features:

Unique Swivel Head Design: The MiniPress P stands out with its distinctive swivel head, offering a cutting-edge solution for your drilling needs. Experience a new level of versatility in your woodworking projects.
Effortless Drilling and Insertion: Achieve precise and efficient drilling and insertion with the MiniPress P. This machine is designed to streamline your workflow, making it quick and easy to achieve professional results.
1 1/4 in (32 mm) System: Tailored to the 1 1/4 inch (32 mm) system, the MiniPress P provides a standardized approach to drilling, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of furniture fittings.
Versatile Drilling Patterns: Set various drillings for furniture fittings quickly, precisely, and without the need for additional tools. The MiniPress P empowers you to create different patterns effortlessly.
Efficient Insertion of Blum Components: Seamlessly insert Blum furniture fittings into your workpiece with the MiniPress. Experience the convenience of efficient component integration, enhancing the quality of your craftsmanship.
Digitally Set Drilling Distance: Take control of your drilling process by digitally setting the drilling distance from the front. Precision is at your fingertips, allowing for meticulous customization.
Pneumatic Feed: Benefit from a pneumatic feed system that adds efficiency and consistency to your woodworking tasks. The MiniPress P ensures a smooth and reliable operation with every use.
Multiple Drilling Heads: Tailor your drilling experience with multiple drilling heads available for the MiniPress P. Choose the one that best suits your project's requirements, ensuring versatility and adaptability.
Product Specifications:

Possibilities for processing: Drilling and inserting components
Direction of drilling and processing: vertical
Suitable for: Front fixings, connectors, mounting plates, hinges
Drilling for: System drilling
Connection type: Single-phase
Assembly of drilling head: Screw assembly

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