2019 Anderson Exact Plus used nesting CNC machine #BBM2541

2019 Anderson Exact Plus used nesting CNC machine #BBM2541

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2019 Anderson Exact Plus used nesting CNC machine

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ModelExact Plus used nesting CNC machine
Stock NumberBBM2541
QualityVery Good
ElectricsV / Ph / 60 Hz

Additional Features

YEAR: 2019.
Serial number: FAANCEX07265.
1600 mm x 3700 mm machining envelope Table Strokes 1600 mm Direction Equipped with 1 (one) 18 HP HSK63F Router Head With an
10-Position Ride-Along Automatic Tool Changer And 1 (one) Multiple Spindle Boring Head.
Table size 3700 mm x 1600 mm (145” x 63”).
Pop-Up Positioning Pins 10 internal pins + 4 external pins.
Vacuum Zones per Table 1 (one).
Axis stroke X axis: 4400 mm (173.2”).
Y axis: 1775 mm (70”).
Z axis: 350 mm (13.8”).
Single Axis Rapid Rate X-axis: 80 meters/min (3,150”/min).
Y-axis: 80 meters/min (3,150”/min).
Z-axis: 30 meters/min (1,180”/min).
Maximum Rapid Traverse All-axis: 113 meters/min (4,448”/min).

Spindle #1 - Router Spindle.
Spindle type Anderson 4-Pole.
Motor power 13.5Kw (S6): 11Kw (S1).
Spindle speed (RPM) 1000-22000.
No. of changeable tools 10.
Spindle nose HSK63F.
HSK 63F tool holders 10 sets (Holder & Locknut).
Aggregate Torque Ring INCLUDED.
*Collet size (5)½”, (5) 3/8” (5) ¼” & (5) ¾” (total # of collets: 20).

Spindle #2 - Line Boring Unit:
Spindle type: Line Boring Unit.
Motor Power: 2 HP.
Spindle speed: 4,500 rpm.
Vertical Drills: 9.
Drill Shank Dia: 10 mm.

Vacuum hold down system 2 (two) Becker Pumps with H-Rack: Power (per pump) 9 HP.
Flow (per pump) 168 cfm.
Total Pressure 24" Hg.
Machine footprint Floor area 220” x 134”.
Height 116”.
Net Machine Weight 9,000 Kg* (19,840 lbs.) *not including pump(s).

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