2023 ELGi EG22 (new in crate) 30hp screw compressor #BBM2536

2023 ELGi EG22 (new in crate) 30hp screw compressor #BBM2536

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2023 ELGi EG22 (new in crate) 30hp screw compressor.

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ModelEG22 (new in crate) 30hp screw compressor
Stock NumberBBM2536
Electrics575V / 3Ph / 60 Hz

Additional Features

***Also see attached data sheet below***:

ELGi 30HP/575V/3PH Direct Drive Screw Compressor (New)
• ESA Approved
• Industry Leading Premium Rotary Screw Air Compressor
• Produces higher CFM for auto garages, engineering, packaging and much more
• Rigid, steel piping, hoses and flanged fittings with o-ring seals help prevent leaks
• Thermo-Zone Layout Design
• Designed into 4 zones for sensitive components to run cooler
• Twin cooling fans for maximum cooling capacity and efficiency
• 2-piece, oversized, air-cooled oil cooler and after cooler for high ambient applications
• Exclusive Slow Speed Air End
• Most efficient, modern, and robust in the industry
• 2-stage heavy duty inlet air filter complete with pre-filter mat for extended life
• High-Efficiency Direct-Drive TEFC Motor
• Units’ electrical voltage is 575 volt 3-phase
• Slow running speeds places less stress on components to reduce wear & tear
• Improves energy efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and saves you money

• 3 Stage Oil Separation System < 1PPM
• High-capacity spin on 10 micron oil filter element
• Factory fill with 8,000-hour life premium synthetic lubricant
• ELGi's unique Oil Separation by Impact and Centrifugal action efficiently separates oil & air
• State Of the Art Neuron II Controller
• Diagnoses all systems and serves as your watchdog
• Provides early warning for trouble areas and routine maintenance
• Regulates start delays between the compressor and dryer to optimize the air quality while reducing energy costs

• Industry first Lifetime Air End Warranty
• 5-year parts & labor warranty on the motor, coolers and reservoir
• Requires an authorized start up by an ELGI distributor to validate the warranty
• 48-Hours Parts Availability and Loaner Machines If Unit Is Not Repaired In 48-Hours

* All Descriptions, Specifications and Features are correct to the best of our knowledge. Interested buyers should verify before purchasing.