2008 Italpresse Tiger T2/130 Used Glue Spreader

2008 Italpresse Tiger T2/130 Used Glue Spreader

Uxbridge, Canada

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Used Glue Spreader

, T2 / 130 glue spreader With 51" Cap., top & bottom opposed rollers. Motorized opening with max. 2-3/4" opening. 7-1/4" dia. grooved rubber spreading rolls, glue film thickness adjustment micro-controlled by doctor knives on each spreading roll.


ModelTiger T2/130 Used Glue Spreader
Serial Number163810108
Stock NumberBM1985
QualityVery Good
Electrics230 V / 60 Hz

Additional Features

Used Glue Spreader
Approximate 65 FPM feed speed, 0.5 HP feed drive.
Auto Cleaning System.
Complete with: (2) Protection safety shields at roller in & out feed