2013 SCM Cyflex F900, used CNC universal routing, boring and grooving centre #BM2212

2013 SCM Cyflex F900, used CNC universal routing, boring and grooving centre #BM2212

Ontario, Canada


Like NEW! SCM Cyflex F900, used CNC universal routing, boring and grooving centre. Cost when new $73,000 CAD

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ModelCyflex F900, used CNC universal routing, boring and grooving centre.
Stock NumberBM2212
QualityVery Good
Electrics600V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz with included transformer. Machine is 400

Additional Features

SCM CYFLEX F900, CNC routing, boring and grooving centre with a fixed work table.

The Cyflex F900 is a CNC-machining centre with almost upright machine table.
The workpiece is clamped and moved via the collet chuck. This way the motion of the x-axis can be achieved, which leads to an utterly space-saving machine concept.

EASY-OF-USE AND FLEXIBILITY no operator's intervention for worktable toooling.
COMPACT very compact overall dimensions.
HIGH PERFORMANCES and very high power with Xilog. Possibility to
integrate the machine in a working cell thanks to Netline technology.

Max. panel length, 3.050 mm

Min. panel length, 150 mm.
Max. panel width, 900 mm.
Min. panel width, 70 mm.
Max. panel thickness, 50mm.
Min. panel thickness, 10 mm.
Max. X axis speed, 40 m/min.
Max. Y axis speed, 40 m/min.

Vertical spindles, 7 in X, 5 in Y
Horizonal Spindles, 4 in X, 2 in Y


CNC routing, boring and grooving centre with a fixed work table.
It is capable to carry out all horizontal and vertical boring, routing and grooving on various types of materials (chip-board, mdf, plastics and light alloy).

Base and working table
structure made of welded steel plates to create a large tilted support surface, on which the work tables are fixed. Electrical cabinet integrated in the base.
Work table made of phenolic material with grooves to allow the through boring

Mobile upright:
The gantry structure is made of welded steel plates which supports the main operating group.

Operating group
consisting in boring head with 12 vertical/ 6 horizontal spindles and integrated blade

Movement of workpiece and operating group
An intelligent clamp directly controlled from the NC locks the panel to be processed and positions it in sequence under the operating head to execute the requested machining
Sliding along "X", "Y" and "Z" axes of prismatic linear guides and preloaded recirculating ball bearings.
Axis transmission through recirculating ball screws with preloaded system.
Group positioning and machine motion is carried out by means of digital brushless motors.
Control Unit designed for Boring and Routing Centres and Xylog operator interface installed on PC

- Windows XP operating system
- 17" LCD colour display
- Qwerty keyboard
- Xylog Plus2 interface machine software

General features of the Xylog Plus2 software
- parametric, graphic and ISO programming;
- import of the DXF and ASCII files (2D);
- guided editor with graphic and syntactic help screens;
- automatic optimisation of boring cycles
- panel origin change to carry out processing of workpieces with special shapes or profiles;
Included accessories
- on-line calculator of computed data;
- simulated program execution;
- use of bar codes with already integrated software;
- selfdiagnosis and signalling of possible errors or damages in the user's language;
- single step operation for manual control of individual program steps; Configuration
- operator interface in user's language (I - GB - F - D - E);
- machining head graphic configuration;
- double override which allows to adjust the operating unit positioning speed;