2009 CPC Model SAP 3L - ARM Case Clamp


2009 CPC Model SAP 3L - ARM Case Clamp

Ontario, Canada


CPC, an SCM Group company, builds machines for woodworking and other manufacturing industries. This machine was hardly ever used and like new. AUTOMATIC PUMP ASSEMBLY OF FURNITURE, BRAND CPC Mod. SAP 3L - ARM  The press SAP 3L - ARM with hydraulic function enhanced by thick steel, protected with epoxy primer and polyurethane. The conveyor belt is made of polyester with low friction PVC cover.  If the positioning speed (which is faster than the time demanding to dry the glue) was not sufficient to determine the actual loading time of the bits and pieces of furniture, so we found an alternative to do on the piece while it is between the pressure surfaces. Only then we took into account a hydraulic press capable of operating pressures become possible which allow intervention in panty pin, maintaining a perfect squared object, can not be deformed at the end of the pressing cycle, even if the glue does not dry completely.  The perfect squaring of the box is a mess gear system to achieve perfect parallelism between the retaining elements of the machine.  The SAP 3L ARM model also offers, besides the characteristic of high pressure, all the advantages of electronics. The dimensions of the box reading in real time, thanks to electronic systems. The result is not need manual adjustment, letting the mass production of boxes of different dimensions.  The horizontal and vertical pressure is regulated depending on the type of material of the furniture, which will be edited.  The retention time of the furniture, set a screen mounted in the control panel.


ModelModel SAP 3L - ARM Case Clamp
Stock NumberBBM1995
QualityVery Good
Electrics380 V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz

Additional Features

- Voltage: 380 Volts, 3 phase, 50 Hz + GRD
- Maximum useful working dimensions: mm. 2600 x 1100H. 620 x depth
- Minimum useful working dimensions: mm. 250 x 250H. 250 x depth
- Working height: mm. 600
- Working cycle: sec. 30
- Installed power: kW. 2.5
- Promote speed: 16 meters per minute
- Electronic ARM system for the automatic reading of the furniture dimensions.
- Film preparation and catering
- Hydraulics
- Electric control panel.
- One-piece vertical pressure plate
- N.6 horizontal pressure systems (3 right and 3 left)
- Protection bar with photocell on operator side allows manual drilling,
nailing etc. and prostteftiki fence on the other side.
- Display the main electrical panel, for setting rational objects and pressure force.