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*SOLD* Dovetailer - A. Dodds - REF# 1582BM

They do not make them like this anymore! This A. Dodds Dovetailer machine is made from very heavy, cast iron, with 15 spindles. Great for high production of dovetailed drawers. It may not have the flexibility of adjusting the dovetail joint size, but you will not have to wait as with a single spindle machine. All dovetails are cut at once. - REF# 1582BM   Located in Ontario at our Uxbridge Warehouse 20min E of 404 on Davis Drive.


Reference Number: 1582BM
Category: Dovetailer
Make: A. Dodds
Location: Ontario, Our warehouse » View On Map
Electrics: 575 V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz
Condition: Very Good


The inventor was the founder (in 1882) of Alexander Dodds Co., a maker of automated dovetailers, mortisers, and boring machines that is still in business.

This invention "relates to improvements in dovetailing-machines having conical cutters adapted to form tenons, the sides of which consist of three plane and one convex surface, and also adapted at the same time to form mortises to fit said tenons, and more particularly to those machines having a sufficient number of cutters to form the entire corner at one operation. Machines having a sufficient number of cutters to do so have been made; but no means of adjusting or keeping said cutters in line, of tightening the journals when worn, and of rounding one side of said tenons, have been provided. ... The objects of my invention are, first, to provide mechanism for adjusting and keeping in line a series of spindles sufficient in number to form an entire corner at one operation; second, to provide a clamping mechanism that shall be easily constructed and more quickly adjusted for different thicknesses of boards; third, to provide a simpler and reliable guiding mechanism for the table carrying the boards."



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